The Program


7LFreight provides its users with the most up to date schedules of both Domestic and International Airlines as well as Linehaul providers. 7LFreight's database contains over 3 million records of schedules worldwide. This gives you the most accurate information just a click away.

Air Schedules

Through a strategic alliance with Innovata-LLC you are able to see every flight schedule in the world with 7LFreight. The data is updated on a weekly basis which gives you the most accurate scheduling information available on the market. As Airline schedules change on a regular basis, having the correct information the first time will allow you move on to the next project instead of wasting precious time looking for accurate information.

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Ground Schedules

7LFreight's ground schedule tool allows you to simultaneously see all of the carriers who have direct service to and from the airport codes of your choice. Currently there are over 175,000 transit schedules built into the 7LFreight System.

You are able to quickly see who has the fastest transit time, the latest cut, earliest recovery time, and with just one click you can get all the detailed information about the linehaul provider.

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Ground Rates

Ground Rates are split into 3 main areas: Local Cartage, Linehaul Rates and Complete Rates. Each area is described in greater detail below. Be sure to take a look at the screen shots listed below as well as use the tools to the left to see how each of these areas work.

Local Cartage

Whether you use the standalone tool, or use it combined with the Complete Ground and Air rates, you will have access to over 700+ Cartage Agents rates and service points. The 7LFreight cartage network covers over 99% of all zip codes in the United States and agents are continually being added to give you even more options.

While using the Local Cartage tool you'll be able to see the rate that the agent charges, what zone they call it, their current fuel surcharge, if there are any service standard notes (i.e. Tue/Thur only Delivery) and much more.

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Linehaul Rates

With the Linehaul Rates tool in 7LFreight you're able to quickly check all of your scheduled linehaul carriers between any two airport code pairings. These rates are also integrated into the Complete Rates section.

You are able to see all the relevant information that is needed to decide which linehaul carrier to use, and with just one click you can see the detailed station information of the carrier.

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Complete Rates

The Complete Rates are the most widely used tool in 7LFreight. With a minimal amount of input (just the zips and weight) you're able to get your pickup, linehaul and delivery rates instantly! 7LFreight will present the most cost effective option, but you still have the flexibility in selecting whichever carrier you would like.

You can also compare your expedited ground costs to your common carrier cost in a few clicks.

Once you've selected your routing just click on save and a PDF will be generated with the cost break down, carrier contact information, and some suggested sale rates.

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Air Rates

Air Freight Rates are split into 3 main sections. Airport to Airport, Door to Door and International Air. The rates are calculated using the carriers' specific rules, for example calculating tax of the freight and fuel or fuel off actual weight while the freight is charged on chargeable weight.

Airport to Airport Rates

From counter service to general, ULD or SCR rates, every rate is calculated and displayed between the two airport code parings of your choice. There are also over 100 loading charts built into the system so that when you enter dimensions of the freight you will be able to view which aircraft that freight can actually fit on. This will help you drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to route air freight; you will no longer have to search your loading charts!

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Door to Door Rates

While combining the Airport to Airport Rates and Cartage Agent rates this tool calculates the pickup, Airline and delivery costs. These quotes are fast and accurate, providing you with your best tariff rates.

7LFreight still allows you to ultimately select the carrier used. Simply select the drop down box and select the carrier you would like to use. You can also use the summary tools to quickly see what the cheapest Counter, Guaranteed, General or Weekend rate is.

Once you've selected your routing just click on save and a PDF will be generated with cost break down, carrier contact information, and some suggested sale rates.

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International Rates

Pounds?, Kilos?, Dollars?, Euros? Not a problem with our International Airfreight module. The International Air Freight Module supports every airline and every tariff to any destination.

You can either see the calculated rates, if you enter the pieces and weight, or you can see the line of rates at the various weight breaks. With both options you have the ability to export the results to Excel.

You also have the ability to add your inland trucking costs to your export air freight rates to see what your door to airport rate would be.

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7L Fast Tools

The Fast Tools are a critical component of 7LFreight. They are the essential tools freight forwarders use every day, and with the ease of having them at your fingertips. You won't need to go to another website, or open a reference book again!

The Fast Tools also feature expandable and collapsible sections, showing the information you want to see, while being able to hide the other tools so they don't clutter your screen. Simply click the down arrow or up arrows next to the name of each Fast Tool.

Below we'll look at a few of the Fast Tools, contact sales to view them all!


Zip Code & City Name Lookup

The most notable Fast Tool is our zip code lookup and city name lookup, it correlates every zip code and city to an airport code and shows the driving distance to the airport code. The results are displayed in miles to the airport code as well as color coded for easy reference.

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FAST LH Rates & FAST LH Schedules

With FAST LH Rates you're able to display your line rates with 5 of your carriers on any given lane. This quickly shows all of the weight breaks and rates. This tool is useful when you need to look up multiple rates at various weight breaks.

The FAST LH tool allows you to quickly run a search to see the transit schedules of up to 5 linehaul carriers on any given lane.

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Utilizing the most current technologies you are able to instantly retrieve your rates from your LTL carriers. We'll return their rates along with quote number and transit time.


FAST Cartage Rates

This fast tool allows you to type in the zipcode that you are looking to service. Once you click 'Display' the top 3 agents will be displayed along with their rates and then 7LFreight will also return what the average cost for the pick up is for all agents that service the zipcode.


FAST Airline Schedules

With the FAST Airline schedules you can quickly look up schedules anywhere in the world for different airlines. This is handy when you want to verify what time a flight departs or arrives.

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7L Database

7LFreight offers a sophisticated database that boasts some of the most secure encryption scripts in the industry.

We utilize Four Tier 1 Backbone connections & a custom-built server designed for a 24x7 web serving environment to ensure a fast, reliable 99.9% server uptime.

We take advantage of RAID technology, daily backups and redundant servers so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to your data.

Pick up and Delivery Agents

We offer a wide array of agent's nationwide. By utilizing our database you're able to search through our agents listing to find the agent that fits your needs.

7LFreight updates our agents daily, ensuring our fuel surcharges and rates of our agents are accurate.

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Ground Carriers

We have all of the office locations for all of the nationwide carriers as well as many smaller regional carriers. We display all of the linehaul carriers on a map so you can see where their terminal is in relation to other linehaul carrier's terminal.

As with our agents, we also continually update fuel surcharges, schedules and rates to relay accurate information.

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FTL Companies

With our FTL database you're able to setup your FTL companies with a high level of detail. You can specify which states they service as well as what kinds of equipment the use. This makes sending FTL quotes, simple and accurate.

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We have a variety of information on file for various airlines. We also have centralized information on containers and the different aircraft that are utilized.

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With our powerful customer database you'll never be more than a few keystrokes away from all of your customer's vital information! Your customers are easy to build into our system and your information is secure. Only your users will be able to access the information you have within our database.

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7L Quotes

7LFreight offers two different types of quotes. The first is an operations quote and the second being customer quotes. Each quote is assigned a unique number and is able to be retrieved at any time.

With both formats you're able to email, create a PDF version, save them in our database, or save them locally.

Operations Quotes

With the Operations Quote it saves the information you enter into the door to door rating features. A cost breakdown for each of your companies used for the quote will be stored in the quote. You can also see origin and destination terminal address information of the carriers you selected.

The operations quote layout was designed with the intention of putting all the information you'll need to route the shipment on one easy to read document.

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Customer Quotes

The Customer Quote takes the information from the Operations Quote and hides all of the costs. You then determine the sell price along with any accessorials that you might want to have included on your quote.

The quote is saved and assigned a unique number so you can reference the quote (and all of the routing) at any time. This is a great tool to organize your quotes, and have them accessible at any time, from anywhere.

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