Freight Packages

Our modular system allows us to mold 7LFreight to fit your specific needs. After talking with one of our sales executives we will provide you with a custom quote based on your specific use of 7LFreight. Take a moment to review the current modules of 7LFreight so you will have an idea of which parts of 7LFreight you would like to see.

Domestic Package

The Domestic package is the base package to which all other modules add onto. This is the only required package of 7LFreight.

With a subscription to the Domestic Package you'll have access to many of the most useful tools in 7LFreight. Here are just some of the tools that you'll get access to:

  • Carrier Database
  • The Fast Tools
  • Cartage Rates
  • Linehaul Schedules
  • Lineahul Rates
  • Domestic Air Rates
  • Complete Rates
  • Operations Quotes
  • Customer Quotes

International Package

The International Package allows you to have access to over 2 million lines of export rates. We will also load any negotiated or contract rates that you have with the airlines. You'll be able to see what the current surcharges are as well and can view the rates in a per kg grid or as a total value at a specific weight.

With the International Package you'll get access to the following tools:

  • International Airport to Airport
  • International Door to Airport
  • Export Tariff Generator

LTL Package

With a subscription to the LTL Package you'll have access to many of your LTL rates. If your LTL provider has web services (SOAP/XML) we can integrate them into 7LFreight! You will be able to see your LTL rate right next to your Expedited Ground rate.

Not only can you get domestic LTL rates with the LTL package, but your also able to get rates to and from Canada, as well as Intra-Canada.

LTL rates are integrated into the following tools:

  • The Fast Tools: LTL Rates
  • Complete Rates: Door To Door
  • Complete Rates: LTL

Air Schedules Package

With a subscription to the Air Schedule Package you'll have access to our Air Schedules which are powered by Innovata LLC.

You'll have access to more than 3 million schedules that are updated weekly. With our dynamic tools you're able to quickly find cargo only flights, filter by loading charts. In many of our tools your rates are displayed near the schedules.

Air Schedules are integrated into the following tools:

  • The Fast Tools: Air Schedules
  • Complete Rates: Door To Door Air
  • Domestic Air Schedules
  • International Air to Air
  • International Air Schedules

Customer Applet Package

With the Customer Applet Package we'll create an applet to place on your website that will be skinned with your company logo as well be in your company colors.

This applet will allow your customers to receive instant on-line quotes! You can build zone based tariffs, or with a subscription to the LTL package you can do a cost plus markup of your LTL rates.

Your operations and sales staff will be notified immediately when your customer saves a quote. This gives you an opportunity to follow up with your customer and secure the quote.