About Us


In late 2006 when the current principals of 7LFreight asked each other the question, "Isn't there a better way to do this?", a few months later 7LFreight was created. 7LFreight was created with the primary goal of becoming a highly effective and useful tool for Freight Forwarders.

Over the past years 7LFreight has continued to innovate and enhance its product offerings. Additionally with their stern commitment to providing world class customer service they have have continued to grow year over year.

Their customerbase now numbers over 40 forwarders with an average of 35,500+ logins per month. More than 3000 transportaion professionals rely on 7LFreight as their source for their information.

As 7LFreight continues to grow, they ensure that tomorrow will be simpler than today.

Mission Statement

With an industry as dynamic as Forwarding, the needs of forwarders grow on a day to day basis. 7LFreight has the flexibility, desire and capacity to adapt to these changes to ensure that our software exceeds your needs.

7LFreight's unique experience could not be possible without the customer service staff that works diligently to ensure that the data that is represented in 7LFreight is accurate and up-to-date.

7LFreight's promise is to develop innovative software to simplify freight while providing unparalleled support.


7LFreight utilizes their relationships with their various vendors to create a beneficial environment for all parties involved. Click on the sections below to see some of 7LFreight's partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner, send an email to partners@7LFreight.com or submit a contact request by clicking here


7LFreight can build custom software solutions that are tailored specifically to the forwarders need. We utilize our industry knowledge and experience to build a simple, yet dynamic software solution. Below are two of the projects that we have custom developed.

3PL Transportation System

During 2010 7LFreight built unique software to handle 3PL rating. They were able to automate most of the 3PL quoting, shipping and dispatching process which allowed the forwarder to operate with a leaner staff. This ultimately increased the bottom line and provided the forwarder with a unique software platform that they have been able to leverage with their customers to gain a competitive advantage.

Warehouse Management System

In 2009, 7LFreight was approached and asked to build a WMS to replace software that the forwarder was currently using. We were able to create a solution from the ground level and deploy it. The simplicity of the software has allowed their warehouse operations to see an increase in efficiency.