New Version

Janurary 1st, 2012 — 7LFreight, a technology supplier for logistic service providers, announced that they have finished development on their second version of the 7LFreight rating engine. The major changes to the 7LFreight rating engine have given users even more tools to obtain accurate information on rating and routing.

Users are now able to obtain Canadian cartage rates and the interface for obtaining rates has been simplified even further. 7LFreight has one of the largest rate databases in the industry and the addition of Canadian cartage rates bolsters the 8 million plus lines of rates that are currently accessible.

“I am very happy with the modifications that we added to 7LFreight, it addresses several deficiencies that are present with existing legacy rating software systems,” said Diego Bruno, Founder and President of 7LFreight. “We have increased the accuracy and capabilities by being able to accommodate any cartage agent rate and zone structure in the United States and Canada.”

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