What is 7LFreight?

7LFreight is a web-based (S.a.a.S) rating tool that allows you to get all your rates in less than 30 seconds. With our software you'll never have to look at a paper tariff again!

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7LFreight: The Program

7LFreight automates mundane tasks and provides you with accurate information in mere seconds, saving you and your customers time and money.

With a subscription to 7LFreight you no longer need to maintain your rates, schedules, or fuel surcharges. We'll do it for you.

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7LFreight: The Packages

7LFreight offers a wide selection of different tools that can be customized to address the needs of your business. 7LFreight has combined all of its tools into 5 packages.

Take a moment to review the packages that 7LFreight has to offer!

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Fuel Surcharges

Forward Air, Inc
 Last Update 11-29-21
28.50 %
American Linehaul
 Last Update 11-29-21
31.50 %
Land Air Express
 Last Update 11-29-21
29.00 %
Direct Air Service, Inc.
 Last Update 08-24-20
25.00 %
BX Solutions
 Last Update 06-30-16
99.00 %
WN - Southwest Airlines
 Last Update 11-30--1
0.38 /lb
AA - American Airlines
 Last Update 11-30--1
0.02 /lb
DL - Delta Airlines
 Last Update 11-30--1
0.00 /lb


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